This Cheat Tortoise Is All You Need To Pass Exams

cheating turtle

With all the sci-fi technological advances, ways to cheat on tests has also become incredibly tech savvy. But the “problem” is that the test holders know about this better than the prospective cheaters. Thus, any ideas like using Google Smart Glasses or Bluetooth microphones will most probably be thwarted before they are pulled off.

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This kid has already realised this; thus, he looks to beat the system by coming up with a method that is too naive in appearance to be susceptible, but in reality is pure diabolical genius.

While you are stuck with struggling to sneak glances at your phone or write cheat notes on your hand, he uses a tortoise (not a turtle mind you) to hide his Biology class MCQ answers.

The reason this Nebraska student needs to cheat in the Biology class is evident in his struggle to differentiate between a turtle and a tortoise.

Sure Tighe has his phone out to flaunt these pictures, but you are missing the point. Cheating tortoise is as old school as it gets, and the only reason he just might get away with this.

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