This New Feature Lets You Know Who Has Been Stalking Your Facebook Account

fb stalking

It’s not stalking; it’s internet research! That is the mantra of many voracious profile stalkers, who might get caught if they like your 5-month-old status but generally can stalk all they want without ever leaving a trace.


But there’s bad news for all the stalkers, as the Facebook’s latest update brings a feature that enables you to see exactly who’s been stalking you.

Facebook messenger’s recent advent, “Facebook Stories” is something very similar to Snapchat stories, which was also applied on Whatsapp and Instagram almost simultaneously. These are short, photos and video collages that remain for just 24 hours and are available for friends (and potential stalkers) to browse.


But unlike your Facebook wall, Facebook Stories also allows you to see how many times your story has been watched, and the people who have watched it. So if you find a single person who has viewed your gym selfie 200 times in one hour, that’s probably your one true stalker!




To all the stalkers out there, you better start going old school from now on!


Gotta give him/her points for commitment and perseverance though! What do you think of Facebook Stories? Let us know in the comments.


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