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This Car Can Suck Up Pollution As It Goes

 Human beings have profusely contributed to the excessive pollution in the world. Everywhere, there are landfills, garbage disposals, air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, and whatnot. It is about time that widespread measures be taken to reduce these unpleasant consequences that humans have brought on the earth. If not entirely reverse, they must put efforts into mitigating the results or the intensity of results caused by different kinds of pollution.

Among areas of pollution, air pollution stands tall in its share. More traffic on the roads has augmented the release of nitrogen oxides and carbon oxides. Both oxides are extremely harmful to live beings. This is why a British designer, Thomas Heatherwick, has devised a solution car for this problem. The car is supposed to inhale air pollution and hence reduce pollution in the surroundings.

The designer has worked in collaboration with a Chinese company. the mechanism they have introduced is that there is an air filter incorporated in the car which will be able to suck the pollutants from the air back to the car and within a year, the impurities gathered will be almost the size of a regular tennis ball.

This car is not a regular car even from the interior. There is a table and chairs around it. These chairs can be stretched to become beds when needed. The steering wheel is also fitted in the dashboard to make the car a more spacious vehicle.

The car is named Airo and is supposed to present a unique solution to the world for pollution. Moreover, the design is kept intentionally unconventional so a fresh and rejuvenated look can be observed in the vehicle. There have been critics of the design who claim that the air and the world will be hardly positively affected by this kind of mechanism. Nevertheless, China will start manufacturing it in 2023.

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