This ‘Sun Block’ For Roads Can Reduce Traffic Pollution And Heat

Global warming is very real, and it has widespread negative consequences across the world. One of these outcomes is the increase in temperatures to an extent that heatwaves are generated which prevail in the atmosphere for extended periods. These heat waves tend to be so harsh that they evaporate the water from the body, causing dehydration. If the intake of cold liquids is not made regular or not increased when exposed to the wave, it leads to heatstroke and if extended, death can be a result.

Recently, heat waves have been profusely experienced in North America that has proved to be fatal. The urban areas are more exposed to the hazards of this heatwave because of the blockage of hot air in the atmosphere trapped by high buildings. Moreover, roads and other concrete structures absorb and release sunlight in form of heat. Almost all of them have asphalt in them which is most responsible for this. Combined with this, the usual waste heat from factories and other vehicles exacerbates the situation. This effect is called the urban heat island effect.

A company, Pavement Technologies Inc, from Cleveland, has made a formula that will be sprayed on roads and pavements causing the heat to not be trapped and reflected in the atmosphere with the same intensity. Moreover, this product will help break down emissions from vehicles like nitrogen oxides before being released into the environment and raise temperatures. These have been tested in the towns of Charlotte and Raleigh which have shown 30 percent reduction results in tailpipe emissions.

This technology is a pioneer in making the urban arenas adapted to the rising temperatures in the atmosphere. The heat is only going to increase in the future and solutions like the one proposed by Pavement Technologies hold hope for the future by not only combating the heat but help reduce pollution too.

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