This Bulletproof Laptop Bag Can Stop Any Medium Sized Bullet

Laptop Bag Capable of Stopping Bullets 6

Security has become a crucial aspect given the rising violence all around the world. Check out this Savior Multi-Threat Shield (MTS) laptop bag, a laptop bag for those who also need protection from bullets during work. This device can unfold within seconds into a shield that is capable of stopping a .44 Magnum round. Laptop Bag Capable of Stopping Bullets 7

The Savior MTS has been designed and created by Force Training Institute and weighs 3.6 kg. It still sports itself as a laptop bag that is soft-sided and capable of carrying your laptop. It can, however, unfold into a 1 meter long shield that has been embedded with laminated Kevlar. As per Force Training, the Savior MTS offers Level IIIA ballistic protection that can survive multiple hits from handgun, shotgun and pistol-caliber sub-machine gun rounds. The shield is also effective against clubs, knives and similar assaults owing to the Shock Pad and Kydex insert.Laptop Bag Capable of Stopping Bullets 2 Laptop Bag Capable of Stopping Bullets 10 Laptop Bag Capable of Stopping Bullets 9 Laptop Bag Capable of Stopping Bullets 8

The case also features a pocket where an optional Savior Level III rifle plate can be inserted for users who are also worried about any snipers trying to take a shot. The exterior of Savior MTS is 1680-denier that is abrasion and water resistant, triple-stitch nylon and lightweight. It comes with a MIL-SPEC shoulder strap that free both arms of the user. The bag also features a Velcro loop that can store identification patches reading POLICE or SECURITY when opened.Laptop Bag Capable of Stopping Bullets 3 Laptop Bag Capable of Stopping Bullets 5 Laptop Bag Capable of Stopping Bullets

Force Training stated that the Savior MTS is basically targeted at dignitary and executive protection along with home defense, law enforcement, first responders and workplace security. It will come in black (hear that, Bruce Wayne?) and will cost you $899. The company is also offering instructor certification along with training of this amazing device. Watch the video below and tell us what you think in the comments section.

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