PancakeBot Can Print You Perfect Pancakes In Minutes

PancakeBot – Print Your Pancakes 2

Advancement in technology and science has been making a lot of stuff possible and now you can add another one to the list; printing pancakes. Meet inventor Miguel Valenzuela who dreamt of coming up with means of printing 2D shaped pancakes so that anyone could do it. He is now seeking help from Kickstarter to transform his dream into reality.PancakeBot – Print Your Pancakes 5 PancakeBot – Print Your Pancakes 4

PancakeBot was conceived when Valenzuela found out about another person’s attempt at making a pancake stamping machine by using Lego. Valenzuela decided to come up with a device of his own and PancakeBot is the final result. The gadget has not been branded as a 3D printer because it is unable to scale the pancakes vertically, however, it still allows the user to be amazingly creative.PancakeBot – Print Your Pancakes 3

The gadget sports an SD card that contains pancake shapes and comes with a tracing software that is compatible with Mac and PC. This software allows user to create their own designs. User needs to copy the design onto the SD card and insert it back into the printer. The gadget makes use of vacuum and compressed air in conjunction to print a batter with a maximum size of 16×8.3 inches. The device has controls that allow the user to be able to control the extrusion rate as well.

Users will have to mindful about the selection of batter though, since extra lumpy stuff that has been mixed with berries or chocolates is prone to clog the gadget. Valenzuela has provided a Martha Stewart recipe that, according to him, works fine. The gadget is not capable of flipping the pancake for you so you’ll have to do that yourself – yes, not a completely autonomous deal, folks.PancakeBot – Print Your Pancakes

You can get a unit for $179 with shipment slated for July, 2015. Let’s see how good this product does in the market. Fingers crossed!

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