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You Won’t Believe How This Box Contains An Entire Apartment’s Furniture And A Bike

Do you love travelling and moving to new places (or are forced to do so), but can’t fall asleep except on your own bed with your head on your favorite pillow? Not to worry as this unassuming bag will carry it all for you! This Austrian design firm might just have attained transportation nirvana.

See all this stuff? Can you even dream of stuffing it in that drawer and converting into a luggage box? First of all, the space looks ridiculously small. Secondly, there are all kinds of odd shapes involved that might not fit into each other perfectly! So, it seems insane that it can be accomplished.

Yes, it does! The stuff can be packed in this precise manner.

It doesn’t just hold up enough and then protrude from the sides. No, this is the real deal. This sealed box contains all the furniture and bicycle.

The box weighs an astonishingly low 132 pounds, which means that it can be transported to any place quite easily. It is especially great for those vacation homes that are difficult to reach, and you cannot just afford to have separate furniture there too. The box can be taken there and just take a look at what the box can offer you at the temporary residence.

The travel box can also be used for other purposes at home. Many of us like to have the right amount of spaciousness whenever we want. So, all the furniture in the box can be set in the room, and it will be back in the minuscule cupboard whenever we want it to be. It can also serve as a room divider and much more!

This design plan is behind the working of the magic box. Every item’s place is fixed, and it won’t go in if the plan isn’t followed.


The travel box can spruce up the trip to a lonely cabin in the middle of the woods. I would definitely try and get one if I had the chance!