Top Tips For Managing Confidential Office Records During A Commercial Move

Protecting your confidential documents during a commercial move has utmost importance for sure. If you fail to be proactive in securing your confidential business documents while moving, you may end up losing your company privacy. Sometimes, such unprofessionalism can even harm your potential clients as well. Hence it is a must to partner with national moving companies to avail professional services. 

However, you might say, “ What you are saying is right but privacy breaches will never happen to me ”. To prevent a fight, let’s take the help of a few pieces of research.

Well, according to the ABA Survey in 2012, “ 90% of IT Respondents acknowledged the fact that their companies are always under a threat of breach of documents security”.

So, if your documents are not safe at your workplace, God knows how safe they are during a move! Well, you are still here, which means you are serious about your company’s privacy. 

So, let’s dive into a few important tips which will ensure that your commercial move may not cost you something more than the relocation expenses i.e., your company’s confidential documents.

Assign Only One Person to Supervise

Have you seen rugby? If you have seen, you would have noticed, how the players run after the ball. So, if you don’t want a rugby game with your confidential documents, please assign only one person in charge of everything.

Assign one person in charge of all the unloading process, packaging, transportation, and all the complicated stuff that goes on. It will eliminate or at least reduce conflicting orders, potential confusion and missed steps.

However, you can assemble a good team for securing your office documents. But make sure that you are giving the reins of that good team in the hands of one capable person.

Plan and Organize Everything

You must plan and organize each and every tiny bit of things. However, the below tips can help you out during the whole packaging process before you commence the move.

1. Have a spreadsheet with a list of all the items that are moving. At least, please have a list of confidential documents.

2. Each box must have a unique identification number, which is listed in the spreadsheet.

3. Label every box of confidential documents with the organizations’ contact number. For God’s sake, please don’t label them as ‘Confidential Documents’, have a code that only your team members know.

4.Every box should be ticked off during the different stages from packing phases and until the unloading phases. 

Remember your spreadsheets must contain everything. The point is never to move your confidential documents to trash, shred them forever.

Have 24 Hours of Surveillance.

What will you do if your life is trapped in a box? If the box goes away, then……. Will you do not keep the box under 24 hours surveillance? So why not your confidential documents.

You have worked so hard to build this company. And you will definitely not want to lose it just because of some damn documents.

Scan all important hard copies and back up all confidential electronic files. Periodically make the assigned person give you detailed reports detailing the status of everything.  Additionally, you can tally the spreadsheets which you have made in the packing phase. In short, make sure that every confidential document is with you.

Train Your Employees

Every cent you spend on training your employees will save you dollars in mistakes. So why is the commercial move an exception?

One of the major causes of leaking confidential documents is employees. Sorry if any employee is reading it. And many times, it is not maliciousness but lack of training.

“ We have the best training for soldiers because a badly trained soldier does more harm than enemies on the battlefield.” – Anonymous.

Therefore, each of your employees needs to be well trained to tackle the confidential documents. A company must train its employees in every practical aspect. In most of the scenarios, it can be witnessed that most of the people don’t know the ‘A’ yet they manage the whole move. And for this specific reason, many of them not only mess up the confidential documents but also the whole move.

Consider Hiring a Professional Mover

It would be best if you consider hiring a professional moving company for moving your confidential documents to a new place. You can be an expert in your own field but not in the moving processes. Therefore, assigning the moving responsibilities to a specialist will enable a safe and secure shifting of your confidential documents for sure.


So, now it is apparent that why you should take your confidential documents very seriously during a commercial move! If you lack, it can cost you some serious loss of your company reputation and even you can lose your valuable clients as well. So, make sure to remember the aforementioned points before you commencing your recent move. And, don’t forget to comment below if you have any tips for commercial moves that we have left out. Wishing you a safe commercial move, with no loss of confidential documents!

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