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The World’s Longest Cruise Hits All 7 Continents In 357 Days

No bucket list can be complete without adding the world’s longest cruise to it. Mundy Cruising based in the UK offers a ‘World of Travel’ package that takes you to all the seven continents in just 357 days.


Image Source: Mundy Cruising


The ultimate cruise travel will begin as Crystal Serenity will embark on its journey from the Miami coast in January. The trip will go around South America, making a stop in Rio, will set sail up the Amazon, hitting Machu Picchu and other sites. The next destination is Athens from where you will find your way to the UK through the Mediterranean. The trip will then venture all the way up to Russia, sailing through the North Sea and the Baltic.

In late August, the cruise ship will go towards Alaska, from where the trip will head towards the Central America. The liner will hit Atlantic, New England, and Quebec from where they will turn to Australia in October. A 33-days cruise offers you a splendid look at Africa in December. From Antarctica, the trip will move towards Singapore from where it goes on to China and Indonesia. The longest cruise in the world would end in May 2018.


Image Source: Mundy Cruising


The best thing about this cruise is that each leg of the journey will allow you to fly back home and rejoin the next phase of the trip or even travel and explore on your own before resuming your journey at the next continent.

The longest segment of the cruise is the trip to South America and Europe, lasting 94 and 92 days respectively. The World of Travel package includes business-class flights to the departure points and back home and costs a whopping $155,000.

Not a bad deal considering that it this one journey will help you tick off all the places on your bucket list. So are you game?