The World’s Largest Cruise Ship Is Almost Ready For Deployement


The Icon of the Seas, touted as the world’s largest cruise ship construction project to date, is surpassing all expectations. Its length of 365 meters and weight of 250,800 tonnes make a massive statement, capable of accommodating up to 5,610 passengers and 2,350 crew members. A sensational variety of attractions, some of which are record-breaking, will be available on-board. The world-beating waterpark, Category 6, opens up six exceptional water slides, seven pools and nine whirlpools, extending the entertainment and recreational options to guests.

With its intricate layout of 20 decks and eight neighborhoods, Icon of the Seas is sure to impress vacationers, offering diverse experiences for all. Its sea trials have now been completed and the grand debut is set for January 2024.

The groundbreaking Icon of the Seas is propelled by liquefied natural gas (LNG) and cutting-edge fuel cell technology – the first cruise ship from Royal Caribbean to be powered by a clean energy source. The ship is outfitted with spectacular modern conveniences, such as a virtual assistant that will assist guests in managing their shore excursions, navigating the ship, and more. The fact that advanced bookings for the Icon of the Seas have consistently exceeded expectations is a testimony to its immense popularity, making it a preferred destination for travelers when it debuts in 2021.

Here are some of the key features of Icon of the Seas:

  • The world’s largest waterpark at sea
  • Seven pools and nine whirlpools
  • 20 decks and eight neighborhoods to explore
  • Powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) and fuel cell technology
  • Equipped with the latest technology, including a virtual assistant

When it makes its debut the following year, Icon of the Seas is certain to be a top draw for cruisers. The ship is certain to establish a new benchmark for cruising thanks to its record-breaking features and cutting-edge technology.


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