This Bolt-Action Pen Has A Tactical Twist Hidden In It

zerohour tactical pen Apex Bolt

It is a known sentiment that a pen is mightier than a sword. This sentiment was used to acknowledge the power of the written words, however, now you can actually use your pen as a weapon. Zerohour’s new Apex Bolt is a premium writing instrument which is also a glass breaker, a screwdriver and defensive weapon all rolled into a Kickstarter-busting gadget which can also close the gap between rapiers and writing implements.

The Apex Bolt is the latest creation of Zerohour’s Apex tactical pen. Its name also comes from its built-in bolt. Zerohour points out that it adds time to your work while click pens are at a higher risk of ink-spillage if they are activated accidentally. The Bolt’s bolt action needs a down-a-bit, along-a-bit, and up-a-bit action which are all achievable with one thumb. It should prevent all sorts of hideous accidents. Apex Bolt’s Kickstarter page states, “For all the fidgeters out there, bolt action also gives you a new way to play with your pen, unlocking your imagination with a fun and simple tactile release.”

It also has a ceramic tip which weaponizes the pen for self-defense to strike an assailant in close combat. If you are not fighting with anyone, even then, the Zerohour pen is good for breaking the glass. There is also a hidden hex-bit screwdriver, compatible with a lot of Zerohour products. It has an interchangeable set of screwdriver heads which will follow in. It also uses Fisher Space Pen refills so that the pen has all the benefits of Fisher’s pocket-wonder which includes zero-gravity writing, underwater writing and zero-gravity underwater writing. It is only 5.5 inches and Zerohour claims that it is the shortest multitool pens available in the market.

The Apex Bolt has raised US$10,000 with 24 days still left on the clock. Zerohour is offering the Apex Bolt in three different finishes. Matte black, aluminum, polished titanium and sandblasted titanium. The price begins at $59. They are hoping to deliver in the coming October.

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