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This Bike Helmet Warns You If A Car Gets Too Close

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Among the 100 million Americans who are used to riding two-wheelers instead of four-wheelers understand the safety concerns for a biker are much more pronounced for the former. The fear of being hit by over speeding cars is very ominous and in most cases, the biker suffers more than the car guy. So that is almost a hundred million people with their lives at risk when they are on their roads. While steps like separate bike lanes are the ultimate solution we should be gearing towards, we should also come up with innovative products to help reduce the dangers associated with biking. This smart bike helmet is one of these solutions.

Source: Brooklyness

It can warn you if a car is getting dangerously close to your blind spot where you can never see it coming. It can also flash turning light and braking ones automatically and comes with a state-of-the-art navigations system that allows you to drive without taking your eyes off the road. The front and rear cameras are also pure utility and provide video evidence in case of an accident so don’t mention them if you were the one who made the mistake!

“We tried hard to make it as close as possible to what people are used to,” according to Manuel Saez, CEO of Brooklyness, the company behind this helmet. “There is no learning curve—the idea is to get it on and ride and as you ride doing the same things you normally do … It is in many ways magical. In a way, we used design to humanize technology so it is there when you need it and it disappears when you don’t.”

Source: Brooklyness

The automatic turning signal is one of the intuitive advancements made on this helmet. It basically takes the cue from your arm when it starts to move the handle, and an algorithm decides which way you are going to move as well as how long to keep it on. Amazing, isn’t it?

The high-speed cameras also record the video footage from front and back, and we get warning flashes if a reckless driver isn’t doing well on the roads. You can easily avoid the scoundrel and let him pass.

Source: Brooklyness

It is not the first time this kind of technology has been implemented on helmets. However, this one is incredibly simple, and it seems that their substantial work on the sensors has resulted in such a device that can be used by anyone very easily.

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