Watch A Biker Survive Horrific Crash Thanks to His Helmet

A Brazilian man miraculously got saved after falling off of his motorcycle and landing directly underneath the rear wheel of a moving bus. Thankfully, his helmet saved his life and he was able to walk away majorly uninjured.

The incident was captured on a security camera and picked up by a local news outlet, Penha News RJ 2.0. The video depicts a green bus making a left turn just as a man falls off his motorcycle only a few feet in front of the moving bus. His head landed almost directly in front of the rear wheel, as the bus driver slammed on the brakes. His helmet was caught underneath the wheel but it didn’t break and saved his life. Bus driver’s fast reflexes must be credited as well.

After the incident, the man rolled out from under the bus, lay on the ground, took off his helmet, and held his hands on his head. He seems to be feeling both fear and relief in his body. He knew exactly how lucky he was to be alive at that moment. Locals helped pick him up and move his motorcycle off the road. Ironically, another man on a motorcycle rode by moments after without a helmet and slowed down to see what had happened.

The video is pretty traumatizing, even after knowing the man survived.

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