This Bicycle Design Does Not Need A Chain At All

Bicycles are amazing rides, clean, green, light-weight, and cheap. However, one of the biggest problems with the bicycle is its chain. Sometimes it will just slip off, possibly abandoning you in the middle of nowhere. You have lubricated and clean the chains frequently with some greasy material to ensure that it does not break. What if the grease touches any of your favorite clothes by accident? Be prepared to lose them right away. The solution is quite simple; get rid of the chain, as tried by many, like the Stringbike that uses a string in place of a chain, and the Mando Footloose that uses an alternator instead. Chainless Bike is the new entry in this race that neither uses an alternator nor requires any string.

Source: Chainless

Sean Chan is an inventor based in Venice, Florida who came up with the idea of what he calls the ‘Chainless Bike.’ The innovative bike looks very different from the traditional bikes with its seat placed above the rear wheel instead of being in the middle. Cranks are located on the rear wheel of the bike that also contains an internal gearing system. Hence, one revolution of the pedal is not equal to one wheel revolution like in the penny farthing. You can stop pedaling for a while, and the bike with continue to drift.

Source: Chainless

The Chainless Bike also features a Rapid Turning System that allows the rear wheel to turn relative to the bike frame, just like the front wheel. This enables the rider to take sharp turns or may even perform some neat tricks.

The actual retail price of the bike will be $1,000. The bike will be available in both regular and folding versions.

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