New Video Shows Larry Page’s Flying Car In Flight

After the PAL-V and AeroMobil flying car, Google’s co-founder Larry Page’s flying car, Kitty Hawk, has finally been revealed. To excite you even more, let us tell you that it will be available for customers by the end of this year!

The vehicle has officially been launched after months and months of rumors and speculation. This news was announced on the company’s official website by Sebastian Thrun, the CEO of Kitty Hawk, who is also the co-creator of Google’s self-driving car.

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Kitty Hawk is more like a flying jet ski than a car and uses electrical power to fly at the speeds of around 40 kph. As the company brags, the vehicle is so easy to manoeuvre that it doesn’t even require a pilot’s license to fly. The New York Times calls the Kitty Hawk,

‘something Luke Skywalker would have built out of spare parts.’

Test pilot Cimeron Morrissey writes in his review that the final version of the vehicle will be entirely different from the current prototype, and is expected to weigh around 100 kilograms (220lbs).

Mrs. Morrissey describes Kitty Hawk as ‘a toy helicopter,’ and says,

‘The prototype looks and feels a lot like a flying motorcycle You mount the seat and lean forward, just like you would on a bike. The controls are built into a set of handlebars and work similar to buttons and joysticks on a video game controller. It takes off and lands vertically, like a helicopter. But unlike a helicopter, the Flyer is 100 percent electric and powered by eight rotors.’

The Kitty Hawk website calls the machine,

‘safe, tested, and legal to operate in the US’, as long as it is flown in ‘uncongested areas.’

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The company claims that the users can learn the flying process within minutes. Although the prototype can only fly at the height of 10 meters (33ft) over water, it’s still an awe-inspiring sight. The contraption is an all-electric rotary aircraft, which means it uses rotary wings to fly like a helicopter.

Kitty Hawk is offering a $2000 (£1560) discount to early bird bidders who pay a $100 (£78) deposit for the vehicle right now. However, the final price has not been revealed yet.

Watch the flying Kitty Hawk in the video below!

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