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This Baffling Tree Logic Puzzle Will Leave You Scratching You Head

Every week, the internet offers us a new problem to test our logical and mathematical skills. However, the need for a genuinely complex puzzle is often left unsatisfied, for even the problems claimed to be the most complex ones are often quite easy to crack.

This logic puzzle will force you to concentrate harder. The problem involves two captured people, each of which can view only a few number of trees. The pair will be set free if they could guess the total number of trees on the prison ground.

Watch this video explaining the complete puzzle:



Since their circumstances are quite dire, they cannot resort to guessing the total number of trees planted on the prison ground. To solve the problem logically, the prisoners need to figure out a method to exchange information between themselves without talking to each other directly.

Once the captor visits a prisoner and asks him about the total number of trees on the ground, the prisoner knows that the other one did not successfully guess the right answer yesterday. As Alice refuses to give her answer on the first day, Bob will know that she does not see 19 or 20 trees; in fact, he will know that Alice cannot see more than 18 trees.

This process of deduction will continue each day till they guess the right answer.


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