This Australian Husband And Wife Team Is Developing The World’s First Hydrogen Vertical Lift-Off Plane

In a skyward leap of innovation, AMSL Aero, the brainchild of the dynamic duo Andrew Moore and Siobhan Lyndon, secures a game-changing $5.43 million to propel the development of a cutting-edge hydrogen vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft.

Founded in 2017, AMSL Aero’s electric e-VTOL aircraft, Vertiia, pioneered “urban mobility.” However, Andrew Moore underscores the need for a power boost, introducing hydrogen fuel cell technology to extend the range from 250 km to an impressive 1,000 km. This breakthrough promises to transform air ambulance services and emergency operations across vast regional landscapes.

Moore envisions the versatility of hydrogen aircraft, bridging the gap between urban and regional needs. Imagine a future where hopping on an aircraft in town becomes the norm, bypassing the hour-long taxi rides and airport waits. The perks of hydrogen power include faster recharging, minimal downtime, and lower operational costs, presenting a compelling case against traditional battery aircraft.

Thanks to a funding injection from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), AMSL Aero aims to fast-track the development of the hydrogen VTOL. Trial flights could grace the skies as early as 2025, with commercial market entry anticipated in 2026. The Vertiia aircraft, boasting eight electric motors and tilting wings, is poised to cruise at 300 km/h, with a 250 km battery range and an impressive 1,000 km on hydrogen power.

Energy Minister Chris Bowen sees hydrogen as a pivotal player in Australia’s transport evolution, especially in confronting challenges posed by natural disasters. ARENA CEO Darren Miller hails AMSL Aero as a homegrown hero, navigating the path to net zero emissions with Vertiia’s pioneering role in low-emission air transport.

The hydrogen-powered VTOL aircraft signifies not just a flight but a soaring stride toward sustainable and efficient air transportation for Australia.

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