This Augmented Writing Tool Can Help People Who Stutter By Using AI


With the passage of time, technology is making our lives easier and more convenient. Besides providing us facilities for advancement in different sectors, it also creates solutions for people with disabilities or conditions that serve as an obstruction in the smooth execution of their daily activities.

Recently, augmented reality has been used in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide assistance to people who have stuttered in their speech. This groundbreaking technology will not only be useful and helpful for them in their personal lives but in professional lives as well.

Writing. Image credit: StockSnap via Pixabay, CC0 Public Domain

People living with this condition often face difficulties in communicating clearly and efficiently. Moreover, the process of getting one’s point across becomes longer as well. Therefore, this technological tool will help them get past all of this and have more confident interactions.

One of the major issues with this condition is the fact that some words are easier to pronounce than others. This creates phonological patterns. People who stutter know which words are difficult for them to pronounce and hence, figure out ways to manage the words.

A new study has brought the possibility of aiding people with a stutter in a way that allows them to talk or get their point across clearly. It can detect words that are hard to pronounce for the users and they will be able to manage to deliver them with the help of the tool.

For each difficult word, a similar word will be used which will have the same meaning but will be easier to pronounce. The feedback of the users will then be used to provide better and customized options to the people using the tool. The tool is called Fluent. The research paper is written by Ghai, B. and Mueller, K. and is called, “Fluent: An AI Augmented Writing Tool for People who Stutter”,


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