This Artist Creates 3D Paintings That Look Too Real

If you have even a slight flavor of art in your taste buds, you’ll definitely be amazed to see these drawings from a German-based artist Stefan Pabst. He is definitely a pro in making optical illusions, drawings that jump off the paper. And his art approaches an absolute level of reality. If you don’t trust my word, you must spare a few minutes and go through his exceptional work.

It’s not a camera lying on the paper, but an actual 3D drawing by Stefan Pabst. Stunning!

Let’s read through the story of this remarkable artist and see what all brought him where he stands today. The first step he took into his journey as a result of the motivation and encouragement he got from his friends. At a very early stage, he used to paint portraits for his friends. The compliments and appreciation he received as a result built up his decision to choose it as his profession. And when passion meets profession, the results are what we all can see today.

Drawing is something that fuels him, as he has been playing with canvas and colors when he was just 5. Though he was born in Russia but later moved to Germany. In an interview with Insider, he tells them, “I’m originally from Russia, and I moved to Germany at the age of 15, I began my artistic career at the age of 5 when my portraits caught the eye of my fellow schoolmates.”

Another trait that makes him stand out is that his motivation drove him as a teacher. He is a self-taught artist. Undoubtedly, talent speaks for itself. And soon Pabst gathered recognition. Fame made him choose art as his career.

Pabst has his studio in Minden, where he works daily and creates photographic-like portraits for his fans and customers. Moreover, he also shares his work on his website. The website also serves as an online store and you can purchase any of his paintings there. Acknowledging his mind-blowing work, companies have approached him for advertising their products as well.

He shares the experience as, “Advertising agencies from around the world constantly request that their products are painted in 3D, other requests include a 3D painting on the product packaging for a unique effect, where the product stands out in the supermarket and catches the customers’ attention.”

His fame has no borders, and he gets orders from around the globe. He mentions the name of a few, Australia, USA, Canada, England, Israel, etc. Furthermore, he tells that one drawing can take his 20 minutes to several days. And he loves to draw images, jumping off the paper.

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