This Animation Explains Root Canal & Crowning Treatment From Start Till End

root canal treatment

The procedure of treating infection at center of the tooth is called “Root Canal Treatment”. It is often an expensive and painful procedure which requires multiple visits to the dentist. Common cause of infection are tooth decay, fall or trauma and leaky fillings.

The animation below shows the root canal procedure from start till end followed by crowning.

Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Posted by Technology Today on Sunday, April 12, 2015

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  1. Dr. Johnson Reply

    I love this animation! Not only is it fascinating to watch but it surely helps people feel more comfortable about getting a root canal. When you have no idea what’s going to happen, it can be pretty scary.

  2. remy Reply

    Had a root canal 27 years ago ..tooth below my eyes… No crown … No anesthesia …dentist just sprayed something to make my gums numb ( told her I pass out w needles ) Excellent job 🙂
    Had no problem except that last month the white part is totally
    It doesn’t hurt

  3. joan Reply

    I have had 4 root canals n have never experienced any pain, discomfort r problems, the only problem ive ever had 3 of them have come out and have had to be put back in but apart from that nothing else, I also have to say I hate the dentist but if I have to go I do.x

  4. Essam Fayyaz Reply

    It looks pretty simple in the video, not to mention the actual amount of days it takes.. 4 sittings minimum, and that too depending if the nerves inside are dead or not. THey have to make sure that you cannot feel any sensitivity to hot or cold before they seal it off, that means using the hand drills (00:19) and keep poking your very sensitive nerve to drill it out. Mind you, its extremely painful even if you have been injected with anesthesia. The pain is sudden and excruciating, makes you jolt on the operating chair. That may take about 2-3 sittings depending on what tooth it is, for Molars are the most difficult (have 3 canals) and it can be sometimes complicated finding the canals too. so a bit of poking around is required.

    Once the nerves are dead, the steps after (00:30) are followed, that usually takes one sitting. The Crown comes on a few days later, after the dentist checks for any problems if the person has felt and then takes measurements of the area the crown has to go in. It has to be perfect, because the composite material they use to seal is permanent, and cannot be undone without an operation. The metal rod fixate themselves inside the tooth overtime as well, so they have to be careful and once the crown goes on top, its like you never lost a tooth. I have had 2 root canals and I would advise anyone to not go through this procedure. Go to Your dentist every week to avoid getting to this stage.

  5. Chris Huxley Reply

    Had a root canal when I was 15-16, 33 now and still remember it well. 5 needles, 4 hours, awake, and once it had been done it got infected causing an abcess and I had to have it removed. Also awake. The dentist had his knee on my chest and managed to break the tooth, picking out the crumbs of the tooth with those long needlenose pliers.
    Great days…

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