These Eye Drops Can Give You Temporary Night Vision

These Eye Drops Impart Temporary Night Vision

A group based in California has come up with eye drops that impart night vision to human beings temporarily.This biohacking group like many others is comprised of a number of professionals in the technical design, healthcare industries and research. It is known as “Science for the Masses”. The members of the group spend their extra time from work in determining the limits of the human body. These Eye Drops Impart Temporary Night Vision 4

Before we jump into details, let us remind you that the chemicals being used are still in experimental stage and in no way whatsoever should be used at home for this purpose. Having said that, the first trials that were carried out by the group were a success.
These Eye Drops Impart Temporary Night Vision 3

The main component of the eye drop solution is Chlorin e6. This chemical is usually found in a particular deep sea fish thus allowing them to navigate underwater. It is already being used for helping humans who have poor night vision. In simple words, it is responsible for a chemical reaction that enhances the light sources once they pass through.These Eye Drops Impart Temporary Night Vision 2

Ce6 is mixed with insulin in a saline solution to create a solution that can impart night vision for a few hours. The solution is dropped into the conjunctival sac located between the eyelid and eyeball subsequently being absorbed by retina. The black color disappears after a few seconds.

A number of tests were performed with volunteer Gabriel Licina. Gabriel had to wear sunglasses indoors to combat the effects of interior lighting though. Licina was able to recognize people from 154 ft away in a wooded area in total darkness.

According to the team in their report, “The Ce6 subject consistently recognized symbols that did not seem to be visible to the controls. The Ce6 subject identified the distant figures 100 percent of the time, with the controls showing a 33 percent identification rate.”These Eye Drops Impart Temporary Night Vision

The effect of Ce6 was worn off by the next morning and now after 20 days, no side-effects have been reported. The team still states that extensive testing is required before something can be concluded with full confidence. Team further added that the next stage is to make use of Ganzfeld stimulator along with an electroretinograph thus recording the electrical stimulation and activity going on in the eye. This will allow the group to gain more data and evidence of Ce6 workings.


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  1. Anonymee Reply

    Total darkness? Even with the best eyes this would be impossible. There needs to be a small amount of light present to enter the retina and stimulate the optic nerve for a subject to see anything, and all the chlorin does is increase the sensitivity of the retina to whatever light is available.

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