This Amazing Trick Lets You Fold Your Shirts In Seconds

Folding a shirt is an art if you want to do it properly. However, not everyone has got enough time to fold the shirt in that neat manner and that is where this DIY comes in. This one will help you build a shirt folding board from cardboard and duct tape.

Step 1: Materials

The required materials are

  • 6 Pieces of Corrugated Cardboard (9”x12”)
  • Duct Tape
  • Sharp Knife
  • Ruler

Step 2: Cut the Cardboard to Size

The given dimension of cardboard is the dimension that will be imparted to the folded shirt and this is the dimension used by many stores for the large shirts. Alternatively, you can fold a short and draw lines as shown and then cut out the cardboard with the knife. Make sure the sides are as even as possible.

Step 3: Tape the Panels Together

Make a grid of 2(rows) and 3(columns) as shown and leave a space of .25 inches between each panel. This space will allow the panels to fold up easily. Now tape each of the panels from the top and bottom side to the adjacent panel.

Step 4: Use the Folding Board

How do you use this? Follow these simple steps;

  1. Put the shirt down with face down and centered on the board.
  2. Fold one side panel and then bring it back.
  3. Fold the other side panel and bring it back.
  4. Fold the bottom center panel and back it up.

Ta daa! There you go!