This AI Powered Device Keeps Drivers Alert On The Road

ridy camera device to check if driver is alert

Car safety features have enhanced a lot over time. The rules regarding seatbelts, drunk and reckless driving, have improved the quality of driving and also made roads safer for us. Despite all the rules, driving is still a dangerous activity, and you need to stay alert behind the wheel to put yourself and others out of any risks. Even if you are a very cautious driver and keep your eyes on the road, you can still get distracted and sleepy during the drive. Dozing for even a second or two can lead to a fatal accident and result in a loss of life for many others. To make sure you stay alert on the road, an AI powered device Ridy Distracted Driving Alert Device has been created which is the world’s first device to monitor if your full attention is on the way or you are sleepy or distracted.

Often during drives, you can get sleepy, and with that, your eyes also begin to shut slowly. The device uses AI and machine learning technology to determine if you are concentrated on the road or not. The device keeps analyzing blinking frequency, eye movement, and other facial expressions to ensure that the driver is alert. Ridy can calculate if your blinking is normal or exaggerated and brings your attention back.

The device is ideal for long trips and night drivers. This life-saving device is also suitable for anyone who wants to ensure that they are safe and distraction-free on the road. Ridy can even determine your concentration if you are wearing spectacles. The advanced algorithm of Ridy works with glasses and lenses both. You can get the Ridy Distracted Driving Alert Device for only $79.20 if you use the coupon code CMSAVE20 at checkout.

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