Samsung Has Unveiled The First Of Its Kind Folding Phone

samsung folding phone

Samsung has recently given an idea of how their new folding phone is going to look. Named Infinity Flex Display, this tablet-size device was previewed at the Samsung Developer Conference. According to Samsung, even though the phone still has some manufacturing difficulties, but it will soon go into mass production.

From some unofficial leaked photos, the folding phone does not look as sleek as some other phones available in the market. Samsung has also said that the phone is going to be much thicker and heavier than the current models. It will have a streamlined design like the current models with dimensions of display measuring 7.3 inches and cover display measuring 4.58 inches.

A few models are being shown off in the market by some other companies, but as of now, this is going to be the first phone to go into sales in 2019. The question is why two screens? Samsung claims that it will help you “browse, watch, connect and multitask like never before.” It does not seem that much useful, but that is where the future of mobile technology headed with giants like Google, LG and Huawei also working on flexible screens.

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