This 96 Square-Foot Mini Home Comes With Its Own Garden

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This mini home is made by Oregon-based Shelter Wise, and costs $22,500. Called the Salsa Box, the home has just 96 square feet of space, but offers everything that a modern apartment hunter would need. It also comes with a living roof and fold-down window box to grow herbs and vegetables.

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The house is described by Shelter Wise as “a 96 sq. ft. instant cabin designed to be an efficient, durable and budget-friendly Tiny Home.” Originally built as an instructional model to give workshop students a clear look at each of the steps involved in building a Tiny Home, but due to its popularity, the Salsa Box is now available to anyone who can afford the price (and also doesn’t have a large family).

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This amazing small home comes with a full 30 Amp RV hookup and RV water connection. It also has a queen bed and the bathroom features a mini-tub/shower combo, and a flushing toilet. If this isn’t efficient enough for the extreme environmentalists out there, the Salsa Box can be modified and made completely self-sufficient. The flushing toilet can be replaced with a composting toilet, solar power can be added, and a water catchment system can be affixed to the roof. “It can be modified to be off-grid for the coast, woods, high desert or in between since it is built to withstand a variety of weather conditions.”

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In terms of construction, the Salsa Box is made using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council – an international non-profit organization that promotes responsible forest management) certified wood. It also has a metal roof and efficient low-emissivity (Low-E) windows that provide better insulation than standard windows. The construction process is simple and uses weight-saving, energy-saving and space-saving measures.

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A Living Roof over the porch, comes in 12′, 16′ and 20′ lengths and gives the home that extra edge. A permit to tow is not needed since the Salsa Box can fit on a standard trailer, and it can even be modified to rest on foundations, if required.

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A pretty amazing new concept that’s also environmentally friendly, isn’t it?

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