China Is Planning To Build A Huge Floating City At Sea

Floating City

China is becoming more crowded and finding space for more citizens is becoming a problem. Although, the preceding statement that presents two key facts about China may seem rather absurd, but trust us, it has to more to it than what meets the eye. If you were in charge of a country with a population of 1.4 billion people, how would you cater to their accommodation needs? Yeah, building structures on land is the obvious choice but what do you do when you start running short on land? Going up would seem like the natural choice; skyscrapers, but then again, how many can you actually build and sustain?Floating City You would be surprised by what China Communications Construction Company has come up with; a city that floats and whose primary operations are carried out underwater with only a fraction of it visible above the water line.

Floating City 6According to the proposal, the floating city will be a 4 square mile structure that will be capable of floating like an iceberg. The city shall be built on land in hexagonal sections and afterwards, they will be affixed to each other like a jigsaw in the water. The city has been designed to be completely self-sufficient. It will have its own farms and waste disposal systems and shall provide everything; ranging from housing to entertainment, even shopping malls and sports complexes.

Floating City 2

Floating City 3Underwater tunnels and submarines will be employed for transportation purposes. (We wonder how long before Aquaman shows up to claim it as his territory!)

Floating City 7 Floating City 4The company has hired the services of a big architecture firm, AT Design Office, for the planning and design of Floating City and is currently in negotiations with the China Transport Investment Company for financing this project.
Will this project be feasible or not, Will people be able to adapt to this living style; still remains to be seen. Fingers crossed for now!

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