This 15-Foot Wide Giant Airbus Model Weighs Less Than A Pound

giant helium plane

Flying those smooth and quick Radio-Controlled planes is too mainstream for these guys. So instead, they decided to create a massive replica of an Airbus A-320 airliner, which is also an RC since it can be remote-controlled. This life-like model has a wingspan of almost 16 feet, weighs even a little less than a pound and has good enough control to be flown indoors with incredible precision.

The plane was created by a Germany company Airstage, which specializes in designing and building large models of day-to-day objects such as shoes, cars, and of course planes, to be flown indoors. Airstage has given itself the title of “Godfather of Indoor Flying” on their website, and their secret to creating lightweight floating models is in mimicking a helium-filled balloon. The company uses helium in all of their flying models, and in particular, for this plane, the wings are used to control the aircraft’s yaw, pitch, and roll, but it doesn’t include the lift needed to keep this craft afloat.

Since this replica of Airbus A-320 constitutes the cushion of helium gas, crashing the plane will have lesser catastrophic and destructive results than crashing a jet-powered RC plane, as the former has a greater tendency to bounce off an obstacle than result in a full-blown fireball.

Would you buy this replica of Airbus A-320? Or would you prefer to wait for the model with even better features? Comment below!

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