Here Are Some Cool Engineering Jokes On Twitter That Will Keep You Laughing


Engineering fraternity is usually seen cursing their luck and choices on opting for engineering. And what better place than the social media to vent out our disappointment. So if you are suffering from the case of engineering blues, here’s a piece to put your mind on a break and enjoy a good laugh!

This feeling is not unknown to any engineering student

The one and only thing that I thanked in my graduation speech

Awesome (ready nerdy) engineering jokes

Women Engineers are a rare sight indeed

When you get too high on engineering, and start to think everything in those terms

But hey, you become just that little bit sympathetic

Who doesn’t hate all the LinkedIn hogs

Innocent revenge of a broken engineer

Honestly teacher, I don’t know either!

Say goodbye to your perfect exam scores.

Yeah that’s the spirit that will keep you going through hell.

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