Thing Charger – Now Charge Every Gadget With One Charger

Thing-Charger; just what we need 4

Thing-Charger; just what we need 3With the advancement in technology, we have seen many gadgets that have been invented and are now part of our daily lives. Every one of us owns at least three or four such gadgets which obviously require charging on a daily basis. Now we all know how messy things can get when you’re trying to charge them all at the same time; all those wires and things looking untidy. Thing-Charger has been designed to make this process of charging look much neater while being easy to deploy.  This innovation can be placed over an existing outlet and it is there where it works like a charm.

Thing-Charger; just what we need 2The key idea over here is to make the whole process of charging look cleaner. Thing-Charger is connected to an existing outlet, still rendering the plugs usable, and your gadgets can be docked on Thing-Charger’s top! How? Thing-Charger comes with a unique design where charging tips are provided on top of it and can be swapped when and if required. These charging tips go back into the charger when not required. You can charge your phone, tablet, reader, electronic shavers and many other devices using the thing-charger.

Thing-Charger comes with two USB ports at the bottom face as well in case you need to charge something via USB port. This means you can charge a number of devices without keeping the main outlet busy! Convenient and smart innovation, wouldn’t you agree? Oh and the user can also stack the chargers. The USB ports and the charging tip can be turned on via switch on the side, otherwise, it remains switched off to save energy.

Thing charger

Currently the gadget is available in only North America’s outlet design; however, the developers have plans for manufacturing more outlet designs as well for the Thing-Charger. It is currently priced at $29 and for what it’s worth this price doesn’t seem too much to ask.


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