These Engineering Tricks Make New Toyota Engine 40% More Efficient Than The Rest


A lot of innovation is going on in the traditional internal-combustion engines. Mazda’s Skyactiv-X uses diesel-style compression-ignition. Infiniti has a variable-compression design. The Automakers have realized that the electric and hybrid cars are indeed a tempting option. And there is a lot of room available in the gasoline-burning piston engine. Add Toyota to the list, which has a new Dynamic four-cylinder engine. It is all set to make its market debut with the new Corolla 2019 model.

The new Toyota Corolla 2019 is loaded with innovations. These innovations are the reason the engine is saving up to 40% fuel. This is quite a huge percentage and has never achieved by anyone. Jason Fenske, YouTuber from Engineering Explained, said that a lot of the credit goes to the simple engine design and tuning tricks. Toyota has put special effort into refining the airflow characteristics of the port and the direct-injected engine. It optimizes the tumbling flow of the intake charge for efficient burning.

The 13:1 ratio of compression helps to get even more power from each revolution. The new engine is full of many tricks and tweaks. The results obtained from testing these cars have been successful and speak for themselves.

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  1. Gwyn Reply

    GM would say the customer misused their car, didn”t follow driving recommendations in the owners manual and just generally abused their car. In no way were there any engineering or manufacturing errors from GM. No Siree, no bad manufacturing, no bad parts from GM ever. Toyota finds something wrong with the engine, replaces engine.

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