FenSens Smart License Plate Works As A Parking Sensor And Anti-Theft Device

fensens license plate

Parking cars in a tight spot are always tricky, especially if the behind is not visible. To solve this problem, FenSens has developed a smart license plate which works like a parking sensor on new cars. This license plate also helps to track the car if it gets stolen. The IndieGoGo developed license plate works with a smartphone. Once the plate is installed and the app is downloaded, it sends an alert to the phone when you are so near to an object that you might hit it.

The app doesn’t need to be launched. FenSens starts operating when it senses that the car has been started. The sensor has a range of almost 10 feet and it works perfectly fine in all weather conditions. Apart from assisting in parking, the frame also protects the car. If the car gets stolen, the FenSens app tracks it down. The frame also has anti-theft screws so that the tracker cannot be removed easily. Check out the video below for more information:


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