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These Tiny Homes From Harvard Innovation Lab Are The Perfect Weekend Getaways

Harvard is known for producing some of the best business talents in the world. Getaway, a hospitality startup from the university’s innovation lab wants to reduce the money, stress and distance involved as you travel in search of a perfect weekend getaway.

Getaway has introduced tiny, comfortable houses for rent out in the wilderness. It is very much like camping but the specially planned interior gives you a sense of being at home. These houses can be rented at reasonable rates. The company currently maintains 3 of these facilities and the location is supposedly kept top-secret, but it is in Massachusetts with just over 2 hours drive from Boston itself.

These little homes could just be the future of tourism because not everybody can afford to pay several hundred dollars per night when they go out and neither can everybody set up a tent after a grueling day of traveling. CEO Jon Staff believes it is the next big thing in the field of Tourism.

So, it is a convenient and affordable way to disconnect from the rigors of daily life and enjoy solitude when you want to.

It is so comfortable and relaxing that you just can go there to cut some slack. As opposed to regular camping where you have to huff and puff all the day along just to make some food or get the water, these getaways are positively comfortable and alluring.

Ovida is the first tiny home made by the two founders.

It is located two hours away from Boston and its location is completely private.

It is far enough from the main populace to give the feeling of seclusion, but not too far away that the people from the Massachusetts would need to travel many hours to reach the site.

These houses are so tiny that you can’t think of more than two people living inside them. However, two lofts and a sleeping nook make sure that a slightly larger group can also live in there.

Classic reads, board games and many famous books are readily available for you to just relax and enjoy.

There is a propane powered heater that will keep you warm inside during the winter.

Electricity is provided by solar panels and even toilets work on it.

Ovida’s unique feature is the specially designed stuff that isn’t available even in the fancy hotels you booked into during your travels. It is custom-made to fit inside the little house.

The storage, crockery and even the furniture has been designed to free us and to cut as much slack as we want.

Lorraine is the second tiny house made by the startup. It lacks a big bed altogether.

It has been called the writer’s retreat due to a continuous work surface that stretches from one end to another.

A small ribbon window also follows the long desk and gives a great view to expand your imaginations!

There is a grill and campfire place that lures guests outside.

The latest home named Clara has an interior heavily inspired from a treehouse.

Clara has three levels just like the novel Swiss Family Robinson from Robert Stevenson.

These levels give an improvised set of places to work, sleep, curl up, lean, read, and play board games on. No place has been specified for any particular purpose.

There are three such surfaces in all, including the loft.

Expansive windows alongside the lofted bed and the house offer amazing views and provide an insight into the life outside.

Food and provisions are stored to last several days before the arrival of the guests.

The home’s portable speakers hum music to entertain the individuals inside.

Although they are beautifully designed on the inside, the founders believe that they are not meant to be overused as nature around must remain the focus of your getaway trip.

Jon Staff believes nature is the inspiration behind the tiny homes and exploring it is the biggest attraction.

So, a backpack full of clothes is all you need now.