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This House Has Been Designed To Split Apart Into Two Pieces If You Decide To Divorce

Moving out of your home is one of the toughest aspects of an ending relationship. Apart from the emotional turmoil, the idea of leaving your safe heaven is quite painful.

Amsterdam-based architects hope to eliminate the stress of moving out at the end of a relationship with a uniquely designed home that could split. Ironically named, Prenuptial Housing is a project of the Studio OBA.


Image Source: Studio OBA


The architects drew inspiration for the floating Prenuptial Housing from the Amsterdam canals. The house is actually two separate units that interlock atop a single base. If the relation comes to an end, the two halves of the house can be separated from each other and used as individual units.


Image Source: Studio OBA


Studio OBA has not specified how the house is split into two halves. If the designers don’t plan on including two kitchens, one might face significant remodelling following a highly emotional breakup.

Studio OBA will start taking orders for the home in 2017.