These Sunglasses From The Tens Add A Real Time Photo Filter To Your Eyes

Real Time Filer Sunglasses – Tens Life4

Instagram pictures can become annoying at times but we all know that the filters provided by Instagram are surely great. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could see the world in real-time with such filters? It would enhance the viewing experience, don’t you think? This was the idea behind the Tens Life that is also known as a real life photo filter and is basically a pair of sunglasses from the Tens.Real Time Filer Sunglasses – Tens Life2 Real Time Filer Sunglasses – Tens Life5

The idea for this generated somewhat three years back. The co-founding director, Marty Bell, says while talking about that time; ‘We asked ourselves: What if we could skip the cameras and computers altogether? What if there was a way we could filter everything that we see whilst disconnected from technology?’

It took them quite some time to do the necessary research and perform a myriad of experiments to finally come up with the physical photo filters and digital manipulation techniques to find a combination that could be relayed onto the plastic polymer discs and be tried out.Real Time Filer Sunglasses – Tens Life3 Real Time Filer Sunglasses – Tens Life2

Marty further explains; ‘We focused predominantly on the way the bright sunlight was filtered—paying close attention to filling highlight colors with subtle [yellows and oranges], adding saturation in the green and blues, particularly the sky tone. In unison, this coloring boosts the saturation of what the wearer sees whilst blocking out harmful rays.’

In short, the lens makes use of the light instead of imparting a cast that is somewhat cold and not so positive. Further tests down the road led them to achieving the desired effect.Real Time Filer Sunglasses – Tens Life Real Time Filer Sunglasses – Tens Life

The real question is how many of you are willing to invest to look at the world with a real time filter?

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