Swash Is A New Machine That Will Wash Your Clothes And Then Iron Them Automatically

The Swash6

It sure is frustrating when you’re about to leave in like 15 minutes and you realize that the shirt you were going to wear needs to be ironed and/or washed. How do you cope up something like that? You could sit and cry or you could simply use Swash – the latest device that comes from genius collaboration of Whirlpool and P&G. The Swash is a washing machine and iron combined and is capable of refreshing clothes, removing any odors and flattening out the wrinkles all at the push of a button and in the time that it will take you to shower.The Swash3

It makes all this possible by employing pods of liquid that spray onto the clothes directly followed by a drier circulating air through the device. The end result is that your clothes are all set for wearing within 10 minutes. The Swash costs $499 and stands at a height of 1.3 meters and 43 cm wide. The clothes hanger is located inside the machine and is 76 cm long when closed and 1.39 meters in length when it has been extended. This, as per the creators’ claims, allows the Swash to be ideal for a bedroom or a closet. The lights located on top of the Swash will count down the wash and iron cycle and the user is alerted when the process is complete.The Swash8 The Swash7

The group President of P&G New Business Creation, Charles Pierce, said; ‘We have talked to thousands of people over the years that have told us they are yearning for a better way to care for clothing in between laundering and dry cleaning. Swash gets clothes ready to wear quickly, effectively, easily and without requiring extensive resources.’  The Swash5 The Swash4 The Swash2

Weights are used to keep the clothes in place when the spraying is being carried out all across the clothes; on front and back. The process of drying makes use of heat and circulates air through the device and the clothes. The liquid in the fiber upon being hit by the air steams out resulting in the removal of creases and wrinkles. As you might have guessed already, it does not require water to perform the action and therefore, there is no need for it to be fixed near a tap for water intake. This renders the gadget quite portable. The Swash is capable of tackling wool, polyester, denim, Lycra, cotton, cashmere, sequins, beading and lace.The Swash

The product goes on sale in US this September, however, the international release date and price still has be to announced. Sure looks like one heck of a wonderfully engineered machine to us, what do you think?


  1. Tan Siew Lan Reply

    I’m from Singapore and I am interested in this machine? Can we find it in Singapore and if can how much would it be.

  2. Raouf patel Reply

    I want to buy this machine please send me details of payment iam from india

  3. Abhijeet V. Agale Reply

    Hello there,
    I Would like to know more details about this machine.

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