These Students Have Created A Device That Could Soon Be Protecting Homes From Fires

With improvements and more innovations introduced in the housing and lodgings sector, the industry is thriving and moving ahead in amalgamating technology with the sector. These technological additions create more convenience for the residents and some of them provide safety measures they can take for a more secure home.

Mostly, not every household has enough funds or the infrastructure that could support the insertion of fire extinguishers in the ceiling to get rid of any fires that erupt inside. Also, keeping the fire extinguishers and using them in a timely manner is another hassle and one delay can lead to extreme circumstances. In order to address this issue, a high school student from San Francisco, Arul Mathur, has developed a device that helps prevent fire from spreading in the house. The idea came from his own experience where he, unfortunately, had to move out of his own house with family because the wildfire nearby was spreading at an exponential rate towards their house. This inspired him to create a solution for the problem that is faced by many people every year.

The device is called FACE which is an abbreviation for Fire Activated Canister Extinguisher. The basic mechanism is that due to the external heat, the inside of the metal canister bursts opens. This canister is filled with cold fire (a mixture to put out the fire) and water. The pressure releases the mixture out in the open, which has the sprinkler till 4 to 5 feet in all directions. It is neither dependent on the electrical nor water system of the house. It operates on its own without even the need for human-like other fire extinguishers. Moreover, the canister is refillable, making it more economical and sustainable.

In areas where fires or wildfires are frequent, multiple FACE devices can be installed at both the outside and inside of the house to retaliate against the spreading fire. The retail price is said to b $120 and the discount will be given for bulk purchases.

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