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These Smart Helmets by DAQRI Introduce Augmented Reality To Workplaces

Hardhat is a must for industrial places and construction sites. The market is open to innovation and technology incorporation and this was identified by a DAQRI, an augmented reality developer based in Los Angeles. They have invented a method to impart modern touch to the conventional hardhat by introducing a system akin to Google Glass.

DAQRI aims to integrate extra features for work environment, the kind that delivers more functionality to the hardhats. The Smart Helmet, as it is being called, comes equipped with 2 retractable displays which, basically, have been affixed in such a manner that they are located in front of the wearer’s eyes and when they are not needed, they can be slide up without breaking a sweat.

The helmet employs the use of 4 cameras in order to gain a 360-degree coverage around the user. It is also equipped with a depth camera, which is crucial to ascertain where the information needs to be displayed. Apart from all these, there is an inertial measurement unit that keeps track of the head movements. DAQRI claims that these screens are visible even during bright light or dim lights, hence making this gadget appropriate to be used on job sites.

The suggested uses for this gadget include 3D mapping, photography and overlaying information and instruction in front of workers. The helmet is based on Android OS and apps developed for the helmet can be used over other platforms as well. Companies can also develop their own apps to work with the Smart Helmet.

The Smart Helmet is expected to ship in October; however, the company has yet not revealed anything about the price of gadget. Looking at the hardware though, one can easily guess that it won’t be coming in cheap. Check out the youtube video below for more: