This Is How Augmented Reality Is Being Used In Real Life Applications

augmented reality applications in real life

Augmented reality has its applications in various routine life things these days. From fun filters on snapchat to interactive weather reports to helping fighter pilots find their targets, AR has found its applications everywhere. The future uses of AR are expected to be limited to the collective imagination of the creators. However, these five examples of augmented reality in real-world show how exciting this tech can get.

Pokemon GO

The popularity of the game reduced since 2016, however, there are still many fans of the game. The central theme of the game was combining the real world with the pokemon characters. Many other games like Jurassic Park have also used the same concept. Even though this example is of a game, however, it shows the potential of this technology.

Car Mechanics and Augmented Reality

Porsche is trying to use AR as a new method to help mechanics during service and maintenance of their customer’s ride. The ‘Tech Live Look’ allows the Porsche service engineers to remotely use the ODG smart glasses and connect with Porsche’s Atlanta-based service HQ and get real-time assistance. A Porsche mechanic can then guide the remote staff through live guides, video tutorials, documents, and other pertinent information when they work on the car. Their idea is to improve the repairs and also speed up the service for their customers.

Harley Davidson Using AR in Stores

Harley Davidson has developed an app for their customers which lets them view a motorcycle in store and customize it like changing paint, adding accessories, etc. This is a fascinating application which can get familiar with other large brands and car manufacturers.

F-35 Helmets

The F-35 planes are costly fighter planes, and the helmet for a single pilot also costs around $400,000. These helmets are designed to give AR features like real-time footage from the fighter’s array of external cameras which provide the direct view into the pilot’s field of view. The system in the helmets also allows the pilot to get a 360-degree view around their aircraft. The pilot can also zoom on a specific area. The helmet also gives digital night vision, a virtual HUD, weapon system information, targeting system functions and also can add more features in the future.



Many institutes and teachers are using AR to teach their students various subjects in a better way. From astrophysics to music, augmented reality provides a fun experience for kids to learn different subjects and get command over them.

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