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This iPhone Case Prevents Your Earphones From Ever Getting Tangled

We all have faced the frustrating situation when our earphones get all tangled up in a bag or pocket or even when you simply place them somewhere. You’d think that scientists would probably work on this problem instead of landing a probe onto a comet. As it turns out, this issue was not ignored and the Mous Musicase is hoping to get rid of this problem by introducing ‘winder’ that comes as part of a phone case and stores the earphones.

What does this imply? Simply put, it means that the earphones are protected from any sort of damage while enabling the user to either extend or retract them via spinning a handle located on the back. Josh Shires and James Griffith have created the Mous Musicase. Both designers are based in London and have come up with the prototype version made by a 3D printer. They are raising funds on Kickstarter to advance the development.

As of now, the case is available only for iPhone 5, 5S and 6; however, 5C case will be created if enough funds are raised. Mous is compatible only with Apple’s headphones but Mr. Shires stated that if the campaign became successful the range will be increased to cover other earphones and smartphones as well.

The campaign ends on 9th December after which Mous Musicase will be sold for $31. Customers will have the option of choosing the case and winder color combination. If the campaign meets success, the cases will be shipped internationally before Christmas.

James Griffith said, “We really wanted to make a product that just fitted into people’s lives. Mous Musicase solves the problem of tangled, damaged and forgotten headphones in the form of an iPhone case. It’s the busy week mornings when you really see this problem come to life. I have seen people with their Daily Mail in one hand, their other hand attempting to untangle their headphones.”

Josh Shires added, “Mous Musicase integrates the protection of a case to your headphones too, giving you peace of mind that you’ll get your headphones out the way they should be – undamaged and untangled. We have designed a solution to these really big problems without compromising on its aesthetics. Mous Musicase has been built in a way to look both bold and quirky but at the same time compliment the Apple design.”