These Sensor-Packed Light Bulbs Can Adjust Themselves According To Your Behaviour

Alba Lights Stack Lighting4

How many of you would buy smart lights? We are guessing that not many of you would be interested because, frankly, who would want to spend this much money on ‘lights’? What if we told you that Stack Lighting has come up with a new kind of Smart LED bulb known as Alba light, which is capable of learning your behaviour and adjusting itself accordingly.Alba Lights Stack Lighting

So the issue with current smart lights is the fact that they do require some input from the user. This input need has been taken care by the aforementioned company. The system that it is planning to launch will need no input and shall work its way around your behaviour.Alba Lights Stack Lighting4

How can adjustable LEDs affect our life? There is a lot of research, all of which points to the fact that different color temperatures impart different feelings and can help with mood and efficiency. The problem with the current systems is the fact that there is only so much planning that you can do for various parts of your house and even then abnormalities can take place.Alba Lights Stack Lighting2 Alba Lights Stack Lighting3

Alba lights starter kit will cost you $170 and will be composed of a hub and two bulbs. The added Beacon for proximity sensor will cost you another $20. There are plans to add support for A19 bulbs. The deliveries will begin in 2015 and it would be amazing to see how Alba bulbs react according to the learned behaviour of the user.

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