These Rooms In Stockholm Arlanda Airport Let You Experience The Weather Of The City You Are Travelling To

Experience The Weather In Advance At Stockholm Arlanda Airport 2

Ever wondered how the weather will be in the place you are travelling to? Well, if you are traveling from Stockholm Arlanda Airport, you might now be able to experience that. The new Climate Portal available at the Arlanda Airport allows the travelers to experience the weather from other locations in real time via a weather simulation.Experience The Weather In Advance At Stockholm Arlanda Airport 4

The Climate Portal hosts three separate rooms for users. Each of these rooms provide the user with the ability to host the weather condition of a different location in the world. Generally the rooms are themed around the concepts of “hot,” “cold” and “big.” Hot theme is to portray the conditions as found in the deserts of the world, Cold theme provides the experience of the Snowy Mountains. And the Big theme is able to portray the conditions in the big cities of the world.Experience The Weather In Advance At Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Several weather services monitoring the weather stations around the globe are used for the simulation of those weather conditions in real time. The portal connects to these weather services and the data obtained by these weather services is then translated into the physical world making use of the technology within the units.

Along with the temperature changes, the portals are also able to simulate wind gusts and provide the user with sound and imagery that assists the weather conditions in context with each location.Experience The Weather In Advance At Stockholm Arlanda Airport 3

The Climate Portal will be there for the travelers till the end of August at Arlanda’s terminal 5, gate F26.

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