Google Can Now Tell You If It Is Feasible To Install Solar Panels On Your Home

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Solar energy requires calculations of lots of variables before an actual installation takes place. Even if you are looking to power a part of your house, you will need to do the calculations because let’s face it, the Sun changes paths every morning. The incident angle is different every day and so is the intensity. Enter Le Google as now it is offering services to help figure out these intricate calculations by making them a lot easier than they are.
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The idea behind this project was that a lot of confused searches are being made on Google all the time to figure out different solar concepts and cost related calculations. Google detected all those searches but couldn’t direct the people to a satisfied result because an easy system didn’t exist for this purpose. To aid people in their quest for going solar and renewable, Google started this project. It aims to make all the back-end workings of a solar system easy, including how much energy an individual roof can generate? How much will it cost? Ho much energy it will be saving in one year? etc.

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According to Google, it will be like a treasure map for the people following the solar quest. The information available on the Google maps will be used for a greater effect, and Sunroof will incorporate many of its aspects. It’s a brilliant idea that will help people go solar with ease and reducing dependency on the national grids and boiler based power plants.

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Currently, the service is available in three locations; San Francisco Bay Area, the headquarters of Google, Boston, where team Sunroof is based and Fresno, where one of the lead engineers working on this project is from. Soon enough, Google will expand the project to include all fifty states and then possibly the whole world just like Google maps.

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You can use it for fun by visiting it and selecting a sample address from one of these regions. Folks living in this area can do necessary calculations with ease and even connect with Hardware dealers who can lease, rent or sell solar panels in the area along with installation charges. I can’t wait for the technology to go global so that we all may benefit from it!

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  1. William Penn Reply

    This is a truly amazing technological advance that I can’t wait to see in my dear to heart Oklahoma. I am considering many things before I execute the building of my family’s new home. Solar power, and Green Building is one of the top considerations associated with this build. I want to be able to introduce this fantastic technology to my region by example of my newly built “off the grid” or as close to that ideal as possible within our new home. This is definitely an article that gets the wheels turning.

    Thank you Wonderful Engineering for this superb article, with a look at the wave of the future coming quickly to realization.

    “Google Can Now Tell You If It Is Feasible To Install Solar Panels On Your Home” gets four thumbs up, well two thumbs, and two big toes, Lol..

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