These Robots Will Clean Your Room While You Can Sit Back And Relax

hsr housekeeping robots

It won’t be entirely wrong to say that very soon, robots will be replacing many of the human jobs. A few days back a company launched their caretaker robots and now Preferred Networks Inc. have showcased their housekeeping robot. The company got investment from Toyota and Hitachi and was able to produce a demonstration robot which picked up pens and put them in a holder all in the same direction. The robot is called a Human Service Robot (HSR), and it was also able to respond to voice commands instructing it to put the towel in the trash instead of putting it in the laundry.

There are built-in cameras on the top of the body, and it learns when it moves around the house. It moves from room to room and has an internal inventory of home items including where they are where they should be. In the press release, the company listed items which included ‘clothes, toys, and stationary’ which were accessible to the HSR robot. The company states that users will be able to access the list on their own as well and can use it as a search engine for the missing items.

Yuya Unno, a manager at Preferred Networks, said, “In other words, a child would no longer need to wait for his mother’s return to ask where in the room she has put a toy.” So far the company has not declared a release date. They have showcased the demo, but so far the company doesn’t have any plans to produce the housekeeping robots commercially.

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