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These Privacy Glasses By AVG Make You Invisible To Any Facial Recognition Software

These Glasses by AVG Makes you Invisible to Facial Recognition Softwares

Facial recognition technology has come quite far from where it started its journey and nowadays, it is being used in all kinds of applications and devices. You can unlock your smartphone by making use of facial recognition and you can tag your friends in pictures online through the same technology. However, there are times when one doesn’t want to be recognized for privacy reasons and keeping that thought in mind, security firm AVG has come up with a prototype pair of glasses that can tackle such facial recognition programs.

According to AVG, a lot of individuals would definitely not want to be tagged in pictures that are unwelcome or would want to appear in huge data projects, such as Google Street View or be in favor of getting cross-referenced for other information via facial recognition online.

In order to avoid facial recognition, these glasses use special materials and technology. They have infrared LEDs embedded around the nose and eyes area of the glasses. These lights confuse the software being used for facial recognition while remaining invisible to human eyes since they are infrared rays. Retro-reflective materials also reflect light back from the direction it came from –it  works quite well when flash is being used to take picture.

However, before we all get a little too excited, AVG has stated that the ‘invisibility glasses’ are nothing more than a proof of concept that have been designed as part of a project to come up with ways to protect privacy and there are no plans whatsoever to bring this gadget in the market.

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