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Now Use Your iPhone Underwater With The Amphipac Case

(Source: Kickstarter)

Different companies have come up with different housings for phones in the past to allow the users to take underwater pictures. Kickstarter has developed a new housing called the Amphipac for iPhone 6 and allows users to help them take underwater pictures. Whereas there are other cases available that allow you to take pictures and use a couple of other phone’s features underwater, their options are limited.

Amphipac has transcended that boundary and allows you to use the phone as you would out of the water. The complete touch interface is available to you to swipe your fingers across. It does not restrict you just to the camera app, and you can use all the other features of the phone as well. For instance, you take a picture and want to send it to a friend or upload it to social media; you can do so right then and there.

(Source: Kickstarter)

The mechanism behind the new housing is that it employs a two-layer flexible film covering the whole screen. The two layers have a low-pressure air pocket between them which counters the water pressure and does not let the phone register any touches due to the water. When you use your fingers on the screen, it closes the gap between the two layers and the touch is registered on that part of the screen only.

Another convenient feature of the Amphipac is that it has an air pocket within the lens. This makes it safe to use underwater. If the phone was to accidentally slip from your hands, it would not sink into the abyss but rise to the surface and float. It does have some restrictions though. It has a maximum depth rating of 5 meters or 16 feet. Currently, it only works with iPhone 6, 6s, 7 and 8.

(Source: Kickstarter)

That being said, it is the perfect tool you need if you’re sitting in the bathtub or at the swimming pool to provide an unhindered usage of your iPhone without it being damaged by the water.