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11 Innovative Uses Of Flying Drones In Everyday Life

We have seen drones becoming a part of our everyday life. They have been used in a number of areas of life apart from military applications. We have compiled a list of amazing things that drones can now accomplish! Check out the list and let us know what you think of it.

11. Pizza

Mumbai will soon be executing deliveries of pizza via drones.

10. Grills

Atlanta based company is testing drones for grill delivery.

9. Laundry

Send drones to pick up the laundry and lie back while you unwind.

8. Government Documents

Dubai government will rely on drones for delivering sensitive government documents.

7. Burritos

Burrito Bomber is a company that has plans for drone food delivery service.

6. Sushi

Sushi deliveries in Japan will be made via drones soon!.

5. Cake

A cake delivery service used drones but was shut down by Chinese government soon enough.

4. Medicine

Quiqui, based in San Francisco has plans to begin delivery of prescribed medicines to customers via drones.

3. Flowers

FlowerDeliveryExpress uses drones to deliver flowers to your loved one.

2. Proposals

You can now propose via drones – Roboromance!

1. Bottle Service

A few clubs located in Las Vegas deliver champagne via drones.