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These Pictures Are Evidence Of How Earth Is Actually Flat

We all have heard about the conspiracy theory that the Earth is round. We call it for what it is; a big fat bag of lies. While the objective of these conspiracists remains unclear, we know that they tend to come up with fluff pieces of science and mumbo jumbo to make clueless masses believe their theory. No more though! Today we bring to you not one but a total of seventeen pieces of evidence that will set the record straight forever! Check out our list of shreds of evidence that will prove that the Earth is flat!

1. Let’s Start With The Helicopters, Shall We?

2. Can Someone Please Explain This?

3. When Was The Last Time You Saw A Boat Travel Uphill?

4. What About Bigfoot? Did You Stop To Consider That?

5. This Makes A Lot More Sense!

6. Annnnnnd, Checkmate you conspiracy theory promoters!

7. Riddle Me That And Riddle Me This!

8. Ever Considered about meteors? Ah Yes, It Is Time To Think About Meteors!

9. Would Any Of You Like To Explain Stars? No, Please Do; We Insist!

10. Can A Ball Hold Water? A Ball Cannot Hold Water; It Just Cannot!

11. Further Proof Using Water!

12. Ah Yes, Another Conspiracy; Global Warming! From Globe To Global.

13. Let’s Talk About Sun’s Tail For A Minute, Shall We? Where The Heck Is It?

14. Speaking Of Trails, What About The Chemtrails?

15. Hashtag It With Us; BasketballsAreFlat!

16. We Don’t Want To Burst Your Bubble, But It Is Basic Science!

17. To Conclude Our Argument;

Note: Before all of our fans and readers go into a frenzy and heated debate about how Wonderful Engineering has lost it and given in into the dark side of flat-earthers; please realize that this is a satirical post aimed at those who believe that Earth is flat. Have a good day everyone!