This Guy Tried To Prove That Earth Is Flat By Taking A Spirit Level On An Airplane. This Is What Happened

Flat Earth Spirit Level Experiment

About 2,000 years ago, Aristotle figured that the earth is not flat. “Again, our observations of the stars make it evident, not only that the Earth is circular, but also that it is a circle of no great size. For quite a small change of position to south or north causes a manifest alteration of the horizon,” he writes in his book On the Heavens. Just because the entire world knows this for a fact, backed by a lot of evidence, does not mean everyone agrees with it. Some of us might think that the flat-earthers on the internet are just going around joking about the flatness of the earth, but there really are some weird creatures on the planet that have this firm belief that it, in fact, is flat.

One such freak head is the YouTube conspiracy theorist D. Marble who has made another attempt to prove the idea of a flat earth. The guy has become super popular over the internet for all the right reasons. D. Marble took a flight from North Carolina to Seattle with a spirit level to “monitor whether or not the pilot would dip the nose of the plane to compensate for curvature.”

We can not even fathom the degree of stupidity you need to think of such a thing, but the video exists for your amusement.

He explains his experiment in the video saying, “I recorded a 23 minute and 45 seconds time-lapse, which by those measurements means the plane traveled a little over 203 miles. According to curvature math given to explain the globe model, this should have resulted in the compensation of 5 miles of curvature. As you’ll see there was no measurable compensation for curvature. Understand that gravity is a still just a theory. No more defending what we know to be true! Now we take the fight to the enemy! #FEOffensive.”

We would like to think that there only one such person, sadly the guys has thousands of subscribers and most of them believe the theory. There are so many activists that fight to prove the earth is flat including God’s Flat Earth, Flat Earth Activism, and so so many more. Just have a look at what his followers have to say.

IFL Science

The number of sane people in the comments section was not little either.

And Twitter definitely has a shortage of those flat earth freaks.

Here is the video for your amusement:

If you still believe that the earth is flat, please let me know where I can find the kind of weed you are high on.


  1. Fernnando Reply

    So many stupid flat earthers that still can’t comprehend why the bubble stayed level. Lol
    Many people here already explained beautifully, but you will never accept it because gravity “doesn’t exist.” Lol

  2. Johnny Reply

    This article is written by a woman who clearly shows that she doesn’t know what she is on about… By calling flat earthers insane doesn’t make you a normal human being, by wearing a fancy jacket in your profile picture and commenting on some screenshots you took doesn’t make you a good journalist… I suggest get a life you immature lesbian while you’re still ‘sane’ and not high enough.

  3. Mark Reply

    Aren’t we biased here? This story has been reported countless of times and guess what!? All the sources keep retelling of what he did and name call. Afterwards, the same pseudoscience is regurgitated with no rebuttal. Please debunk it, or I am sorry, your workplace won’t allow you to go against the powers in place. I get it, you just there to collect a paycheck!

  4. Mato Kutli? Reply

    Articles like this one (and people behind this article) are main reason why we need more flatearthers.

  5. John Reply

    You call yourself a journalist ? I think your ancestors would be disappointed in you. Ever heard of an astrolabe? probably not. The Bible says the earth is a circle.. The muslim holy book says the world was flattened .. every day experiments that you can do confirms their findings. I I am an engineer for a software company and we I use technology to find there is no curvature. And you’re just a journalist repeating what you’ve been told to repeat .. please use that pretty face and a beautiful mind to do some actual research and not repeat stories about someone putting a stick in the ground with no accuracy thousands of years ago… unless you’re too scared to look..

  6. John Reply

    Wake up you indoctrinated fool. Stupid article! Idiot journalist who is either too dumb to get it.. or is a liar who is paid to lie to the masses about the greatest lie imposed on mankind…where is the curverature? The top of the Ocean curves? Use your brain or stop getting paid to lie.

  7. Alfredo Morua Reply

    Fact# PAPER is a Plane. A Plane is a dimension of a realm. When laying eye sight upon a surface you encounter the virtual defacto of a thought. A thought is an idea. An idea is a vision . Visions become views. These views manifest comprehension through trial. Everything explained is illustrated. Illustration depicts the procedures required for envisioning. Once a view is later upon the sight of how to place the view can become a lie. To lay is not to lie,yet what lies ,lays. What lays is place and the energy field of our magnetic fields allows for all to be held to the gravity of earth. Everything has minerals from elements. The balance of what we possess provides enough attraction to be relevant within circumference. The vision of views bestowed derives from 2 dimensional objects of subject. The surface in which ideas are drawn and illustrated with. The vivid articulation of artifice illustrations Eminates the ability to perform. Our performance produces a sight from light. Light is manifested from perspired energy known as magnetic flux. The light allows us to cee. What we see is the order of how we view. An order is a command. The command of what we cee is what it becomes to be. What ,it be makes it jus for the matter. What matters exist. What exist had density. What is dense is had weight. Weight is a form of substance to be, and this is what we see. The sight seen is space. Space allow the opportunity to create. Creation is written to be understood through trials and tribulations. Our struggle provides progress. What it has become is the fact of what is written ,can manifest the light within n our heads to see what we are allowed. The world exist and the world is a word. The word is flat, because it lay and lies on paper. The fact is even truth lies on paper . Paper is flat and is a plane. The plane can be manipulated to become round as equivalent to bread dough. When anything is not solid ,it is maluable ,flexible, and etc. What’s on paper is what we assess and certify with. With out this dimension what would the other be. First dimension is self which is ” I” ,second is 2-D, and then 3-D ,etc. Without shapes and geometry we would not comprehend on how to understand. To understand is a position of placement . What has been placed are theories. Fact is court papers bring the realm of how powerful and more real the flat world of literature and literacy from illustration are greater than the reality we perceive. The world is brought to you by writings. Not everyone calls this a world. Others allow for the proof of written and sets of illustration ,what would a word be ? And everything you see is from a planned vision written. Is how God became to be. What be is us and we. Don’t even cee. The word is where the power of God lays and lies. 3D has been brought to you from 1-D, to 2-D, now 3-D. The world is flat due to the proof of dimensions. Affected by the light and how colors are perceived. The vivid idea of a flat world comes from black and white. Space and stars. Assume court documents are not more powerful than an object without life. Yet ,illustration can bring to life what happened been written on paper.

  8. No Reply

    Yea this is funny and all but also a great example of your scarce ability for jounralism. Following up on why it’s not relevant or doesnt work and have these people been around for a while?

  9. Jack Parrallax. Reply

    So, you never explained in your article WHY the level stayed flat. This man said if it was flat, it wouldn’t move. It didnt move. So can you explain to me why it did not move, and we are on a ball?

    • Gandhar V Kulkarni Reply

      When you are in the air,you are still a part of the earth system and still subject to its gravity. so,you are constantly being pulled down ,but you move fast enough to not fall, which is the basic definition of flying. thus when they say the plane is at level flight,it means means that the plane is following a circular path concentric to the earth,not tangential to it.

  10. Waran Reply

    Bro, good attempt, but slight mistake in it.. you also need to factor in how an aeroplane stay afloat in air against gravity and drag in your experiment.. (hint: by flying with nose up slightly to compensate both factors, the angle is tangent to the earth and that is why you seeing the bubble stays in the middle)

    • Flat Reply

      Hey shouldn’t it be nose down? If its nose up it wont compensate the curve it will go to “outer space” my friend lol

      • Akilahon Reply

        What? no lol, if the plane flies tangently to the earth, that means there is perpendicularity with earths core and the plane, if it flew nose down it would be constantly lowering its altitute, if it flies a little bit nose up, its by no means going to fly to outer space, a plane being thrusted horizontally in the air (common propulsion), would only exhert horizontal thrust, so it would clearly start falling, think of a paper place, you throw it horizontally, would it fly up?, or would it start to descend?

        Planes fly nose up (even so, not every plane is designed to fly nose up, depends on the type of propulsion and aerodynamics), because gravity tends to pull stuff down, flying nose up means they are compensating for the gravitational pull, thus keeping a tangency to earths core, flying always relative to the center of the earth, thats why his spirit level wont move at all, gravity is still exherting a pull to the center, he is leveled, there wont be any change on the spirit level.

  11. Josephus Reply

    He said circumference and around the equator, aren’t those terms used when describing a circle? Why not use terms from the “flat world” continuum? Smh

    • Johnny Reply

      In Order To Talk To People That Believe That The Earth Is A Spheriod, You Have To Tqlk In Their Terms/Language… For Example Talking To A German In English Will Not Get You Anywhere In The Conversation.

  12. Bob Reply

    I see you attacked the guy’s experiment but made no attempts to explain why the results aren’t valid. Please explain why his experiment and results are flawed.

  13. charles Davenport Reply

    I admire your genius. You’ve figured out a great way for the suckers to pay you.

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