What Will Happen If One Day Our Round Earth Becomes Flat?


Thanks to the huge piles of evidence that we got for many decades now, it is confirmed that the Earth is not flat. However, there is still an upsurge in those who believe that the planet we live on is actually a galactic space frisbee. And there is no way to tell if these people are trolling or not. This theory is one of those that can be disapproved easily. But there are still people who will argue with astronauts over this fact.

Their theory got many of us thinking that what if the planet suddenly becomes flat? What would it feel like to live on a cosmic coaster while we zip through the cosmos? This is actually a very difficult question to answer. Even though people talk about the flat earth theory, however, so far there is no accepted definition of Earth.

The best we can do is to use our imaginations and assumptions. Whether it makes sense or not. So if the earth really is flat, then the required mantle, inner core, and outer core of the planet will suddenly fall off and become nothing. The Southern Hemisphere will flip and level in the Northern Hemisphere. Meanwhile, Antarctica, would tear apart and turn into a huge circle. The Arctic will also drop downwards at a very high speed.

The motion will be very quick and will cause the planet to accelerate so fast that everyone will die in a gruesome explosion. Those will be at the edges will be thrown into space at an unimaginable speed. Either they will burn up or become popsicles in the space. Those who are on the International Space Station (ISS) will also not survive since they will be launched into the infinite dark. It will indeed be awful and messy if it ever happens, so let’s hope the earth stays round and never goes flat.

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