These New Robot Birds Could Soon Deliver Medicine And Fight Drones

It does not seem untrue now when we say that robots will eventually take over the world. Let it be medicine, travel or engineering, robots are seeping into the daily operations of these fields and replacing human beings. They offer more consistency, homogeneity, efficiency, and productivity. This is the reason more research and experimentation are being done on their functionalities to maximize the advantages offered from them.

A tech company has invented Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) that will be made commercial soon and will be seen flying around in the sky. The project of their production is called the GRIFFIN Project and efforts are being continuously made to enhance the range and control of these devices as the drones have limited reach. These are aimed to be better than the existing drone technology.

The composition of the model is different from that of the drones or aircrafts. The inspiration is strictly based on birds and the mechanism of their flight is being emulated in the device. For example, instead of batteries, the UAVs will be powered by the winds as a form of energy conservation. Their bodies will be composed of soft and stretchable material with wings and tail so it is best supported by the wind.

The application of the device is aimed to be in medicine and security fields. For example, in hazardous situations where humans cannot reach or immediate action is needed, they can be used to send down help with required material. They can even land on human bodies because of their light and soft structure to provide proper and extensive help. For security, it can track down drones that are wandering around to spy.

The device has massive potential and is bound to provide aid and convenience to the people and countries. However, there are some challenges that are still being faced. For example, search for the correct and appropriate material for the device is still under process. Moreover, the navigation and visual system of the invention still needs improvement. With intense work, the challenges can be overcome and it can serve the community well.

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